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My entire catalog of music can be found on my label site and since my last album "dooing" is now 1 year-old I have enabled free downloads of "dooing" and the rest of my albums. Also on there are 2 other past-releases, "2600" and "Source Domain", which have not been offered up in download format since they were previously released in cassette & CD format. I typically sell my newest albums at shows for a year and then give it away thereafter. I've found this makes the most sense given that I want my friends to have my music history and support my latest projects. Please visit and download my entire discography for free! Thank you for supporting my music!


Since 1999
, stevedood has been producing and performing live electronic music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Composed using an assortment of samplers, synthesizers and drum machines, as well as sample sources from live musicians and vinyl, stevedood’s music captures the essence of live electronic music, bridging genres of organic trip-hop to downtempo and electro to techno while mixing his own source material with samplers and turntables.

Stevedood adopts the role of recording engineer and song producer in his collaborations with musicians of all types, seeking to help other artists from the growing local music community fulfill their passions and further their studies in many areas of music and recording. His experience has grown tremendously from this experimental workshop for music production and his knowledge base in recording, mixing and mastering has expanded through these processes.

Steve also has a 15+ year career underway as a mechanical design engineer for a professional loudspeaker & audio equipment manufacturer located in Berkeley, CA. He has innovated many loudspeaker designs, assembly processes, custom equipment & tooling, and holds two patents on microphone designs.


Please see the contact page for information on booking.

Previous Venues played:

SF Bay Area ~
ABCo, Actual Cafe, Awaken Cafe, Babeland (B4BEL4B), The Beat Lounge, The Blackhole Lounge, Blondies, Burnt Ramen, Cat Club, CELLspace, Compound Eye, The Compound Gallery, Creativity Explored, Doctor Bombay, East Nile, El Rio, ERA Art Bar, First Church of the Buzzard, Famous Four Colors, Forthrite Printing, Fort Gallery, Fuse, Great American Music Hall, Hotel Utah, Inkwell, The Ivy Room, KPFA, KGPC, Kimos, The Legionnaire Saloon, Lobot Gallery, Lupin Lodge, Maggie McGarrys, Mosswood Park, Naming Gallery, The Night Light, Oasis Nightclub, Oakland Art Murmur, Pacific Coast Brewery, Starline Social Club, Starry Plough, Stork Club, Studio Z, Swankety Swank, Sweetwater, Vitus, 21 Grand, 5lowershop...

Other Areas & Tours ~
Camptonville (Invisible Ocean Festival 2010)
Guerneville (C.A.M.P. California Arts Music Party 2011 and C.2.M.P. 2012)
Leggett (Hickey Fest 2016)
Los Angeles (Gal Palace & Panopticon 2015, Stoned Gamer Grande Finale 2016)
Sacramento (The Press Club 2011)
Ukiah (Frolic Campout 2016)
Paris/France (Vincennes/Centre Industrielle 2010), Paris/France (Zorba 2010)
La Rochelle/France (Bar de Hotel de Ville 2010)
Ibiza/Spain (Casita Verde 2010)


Engineering Consulation - Mechanical/Electrical, Live Sound, Touring Rigs
Electronic Music Production / Remixing
Multichannel Recording - Remote & Onsite, Digital & Analog
Live Sound / FOH Mixing

Engineering/Tour Consultation/Support - please email with specific project and timeline
Live Sound/FOH Mixing: $600 day rate, gear-dependent. For large scale events, please email for referrals.
Remote Recording: 16 tracks/24 bit or 8 tracks 1/2" tape, please email for specific systems available and your project info.

Booking: Sessions must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. See contact page for info. For recording consideration, submitting samples of your work may be required.

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